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Location Research Rs 999

Complete details about the location you want to visit like transportation mediums, best time to visit, culture of that place and other important details.

Nearby Attraction Rs 299

Cafes, restaurants, pubs, whatever nearby attraction of that place will be mentioned in this service.

Specific Search Rs 499

As you will be visiting this place or first time, you may have concern if there is a pure vegetarian restaurant nearby or a temple for worship. You can ask for any specific search in this service.

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YocoMan offers one of its unique services - The Destination Information service. When we plan to go somewhere, whether it is for business or for pleasure, we want to know about the place as much as we can e.g. what is the location or distance of the nearest temple or mosque from the hotel that I am going to stay in, where would I find a nice Indian restaurant near my hotel, what are the fun activities that i can do in my free time, how much would it cost if i want to have a spa there and so on... but Google doesn't seem to clear the confusion instead it makes it more complicated by providing many unverified results. YocoMan provides you the verified and specified details of the things that you want so that You know the place where you are going, before you reach there.


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