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We all have been there when we forget an important date; be it someone’s birthday, an anniversary, kid’s school event or some other event. In today’s busy life there are so many responsibilities and obligations to fulfill that sometimes we forget dates that are special. We at YocoMan believe that remembering and celebrating events with our loved ones not only makes them feel blessed and important, it also brings joy to the relationships and strengthens the bond. When it comes to human emotions, no app or software is enough because it takes a human to understand a human.
YocoMan is the first company to introduce personal, end to end reminder service with the motive that there will not be an event or date that you will ever forget. What makes it incredible? – We don’t just notify you once like an app, we remind you multiple times like an assistant through the communication modes you prefer. We can also help you celebrate an event just the way you want it to be.


Now forget about forgetting!!

How it works: Once you subscribe to the service, you will get a call from us. We ask you the convenient time to communicate and the preferred mode of communication*. Our executive will contact you at the given time via your chosen mode of communication. You provide the details of dates, events, your preferred modes** and time frames*** for reminders. You’re all set to forget about forgetting now!

Available mode of communication: To register the dates and events, you have following options to choose from:

  1. On a call,
  2. Through registered email. After registering the events, you can add, remove or update your dates and events anytime via call or email.

** Modes of Reminders: All of the reminders are sent on your registered email ID by default. Apart from that you can also choose one more from the following modes:

  1. Get a call on the registered number,
  2. Get an SMS on the registered number or
  3. Get a WhatsApp message on the registered number. You can change your preferred mode of reminders anytime later. If you wish to get reminded via more modes, you can opt for the same at an additional charge of extra mode selection,
  4. Get a mail on the registered email Id.

***  Service time frame: All the events are reminded on the date of event by default. Apart from that you can also choose one more complimentary time frame from the following:

  1.  1 day before the event,
  2.  3 days before the event or
  3.  7 days before the event,
  4.  Same day and 3 days.

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