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Social Media Rs 999

Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Insta, Twitter : 2 hours

MS Office Rs 999

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paint : 2 hours

Computer Fundamentals Rs 999

Basic knowledge for operating a computer, maintaining computer health & security, Threat awareness and security, use of internet : 3 hours

Email Rs 999

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail, Outlook : 2 hours

Mobile Rs 999

Basic knowledge for operating a smartphone, Installing and uninstalling apps, maintaining mobile health & security, Threat awareness and security : 2 hours


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New generation gadgets and traditional parents!! Need not worry, we understand your helplessness for not being able to teach them how to operate new gadgets or social sites. Be it using whatsapp or facebook, video calling or browsing the internet, watching youtube or shopping online, we will make sure they learn these things without you having to take a leave from work.

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